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E-Marketing Services:

Provide you the tools you need to grow your online business. We offer the entire spectrum of sophisticated marketing programs so you can maximize your commerce resources, including E-Campaign Management, targeted e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, cross sell/up sell features, site merchandising and personalization.

E-Marketing Services will help you grow your online business. End to End. Front to back. Strategic planning to program execution, tracking and evaluation. Outsourcing with CCOL can save you up to $1-million in e-direct marketing staff, state of the art campaign management, email list servers, merchandising programs all the software and development to get accurate, integrated campaign data.

An experienced team will work with you to create an integrated online marketing plan and stay with you as the programs launch. We’ve marketed and merchandised thousands of sites - learning each step of the way. Our portfolio of marketing tools offers you countless ways to build your sales online - from E-Campaign Management, Email promotions to Affiliate Marketing - we’ve got it all - ready for you to use.

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